SSH | Student and Student Housing

This app allows the students from UCSD to upload the information about their houses and get connected to other students. This allows them to rent an apartment together.
Website: the Website
Github: the Github
Expo Public Project: the Expo Project Page
Testflight: the Testflight

Team members

Alyssa Ramiro: Project Manager
Thomas Wan: Business Analyst
Brenna Dimalanta: Senior Systems Analyst
Kaihan “Peter” Zhu: Software Architect
Yu “Tim” Tai Wang: Software Development Lead
Brian Wang: Algorithm Specialist
Yubo “Mark” Chen: Database Specialist
Jiaxuan Ren: Database Specialist
Yingjian “Patrick” Pei: Quality Assurance Lead
Siqiao “Clark” Ruan: User Interface Specialist
Weijin Xu User: Interface Specialist

Privacy Policy

This app will collect data you entered. The app will not collect any personal data other than the email address from the Google login. We will not share your data in any kind to third party. Your data will only be visible to others through the app. The developer(s) will have no responsibilities regarding how the user uses the app. The developer(s) will not take any responsibilities regarding this app.

If you have any questions, email for answers.